William Wongso: Preserving Indonesia Culinary Heritage

18 Juli 2022, 19:00

In this episode, our host Gundy Cahyadi talks to William Wongso, the Indonesian master chef and also the worldwide persona of Indonesia's food ambassador. William has spent more than 50 years as a successful businessman in the F&B sector and has received numerous awards as a chef.

The diversity of Indonesian cuisine has made it almost impossible to sum up to a single dish that can represent Indonesia globally. Yet, William shared his thoughts on the importance of using food to introduce Indonesian culture to the world.

What is crucial is the need to keep the Indonesian dishes authentic overseas. The difficulty is in looking for the talents who fully understand the background of the dishes. Availability of the spices is also important in ensuring the authentic taste. Perhaps, these are some of the reasons why there is not enough restaurants that serve good Indonesian restaurants in the world.

In spite of his rich experience, William is still inspired to do more to bring Indonesian food and it’s culture to the world.

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