Woment Leaders Forum 2022

Achieving an Equal Future

March 8, 2022 | Virtual Event

Live at     Katadata Indonesia


About Achieving an Equal Future


According to the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap 2021 report, women's participation, primarily in political and economic fields, remains underrepresented. Women account for just 26.1 percent of the over 35,500 assembly constituencies and 22.6 percent of more than 3,400 ministers in the 156 nations. The journey to gender equality is still a long one. Katadata is responding to the report by organizing the Women Leaders Forum (WLF) 2022. This forum will discuss on how the female top leaders encourage the girls to take the lead and encourage them to invest in their own development.




The pandemic is a significant challenge for everyone. Numerous breadwinners have lost their jobs, placing pressure on the family economy. It will be difficult in the future to establish economic resilience via increased involvement, particularly through the inclusion of women in economic activity.
"Road to W20: Are We Ready To Recover Together, Equally?"
Dian Siswarini, CEO XL Axiata
Jamalianuri, Researcher of Katadata
Who says that women can't be successful business owners? A number of evidence points to the fact that a large number of female MSME entrepreneurs were born and raised, particularly in this all-digital age.
"Boosting & Empowering the Local SME's"
Chandra Kirana, Director Sekar Kawung Foundation
Ratri Kartika, Executive Producer Katadata.co.id
"Entertainment Session"
Putri Ariani, Singer & Musician
Women represent a sizable market segment for a variety of items from a commercial standpoint. Businesses must develop unique tactics to capture this 'cake' of the female market. However, females have not been simply a market; they are also prospective investors. From traditional assets such as real estate, savings, and gold to more contemporary ones such as stocks and cryptocurrency.
"Women’s Financial and Investment Attitude"
Adek Media Roza, Head of Katadata Insight Center (KIC)
Dhannie Ullyza Zawir, VP Institutional Funding Investree
Mulya Amri, Ph.D., Expert Panel of Katadata Insight Center (KIC)
"Entertainment Session"
Putri Ariani, Singer & Musician
Why are there so few women appointed in positions of strategic/management in large corporations in Indonesia and throughout the world? The 'barriers' to women's professions may seem modest on the surface. The law ‘prohibits’ discrimination on the basis of gender, race, and other characteristics. However, a number of reasons contribute to the low number of women in top management positions in major organizations. There are a select individuals that have the ability to shatter the 'glass ceiling.'
"Breaking The Glass Ceiling"
Maya Juwita, Executive Director IBCWE
Astranivari, Chief Marketing Officer Investree
Sorta Tobing, Head of Multimedia Katadata.co.id
"Women Leaders - Making a Difference!"
Cin Cin Go, President Director IBM Indonesia
Ariemega, Campaign Lead Katadata Perempuan
First ever two were indeed Sri Mulyani Indrawati and Retno Marsudi, who are both from Indonesia. She is the first female Minister of Finance in Indonesia, as well as the first female Minister of Foreign Affairs in the country. When it comes to making a 'change' in a society and organization dominated by males, where do women begin?
"Women Leaders - Making a Difference!"
Sri Mulyani Indrawati, PhD, Minister of Finance
Ira Noviarti, Chair Women in Business Action Council
Penny Williams PSM, Australian Ambassador fo Indonesia
Puri Anindita,
Women and persons with disabilities encounter several obstacles. It's a hard truth that we must acknowledge: they have very few 'doors' available to them. Only a small percentage of businesses are willing to recruit them. Finding it increasingly difficult for disabled persons to live independently.
"Break the Limit: Opportunity for Women With Disabilities"
Keynote Speaker:
Hindun Anisah, Staf Khusus Menteri Ketenagakerjaan
Michiko Miyamoto, Country Director International Labor Organization (ILO)
Rubby Emir, CEO Kerjabilitas
Astri Wahyuni, VP of Public Policy and Government Relations Tokopedia
Jamalianuri, Researcher of Katadata
"Entertainment Session"
Putri Ariani, Singer & Musician

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