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19 Mei 2022, 22:34

Shape Out or Ship Out! Ft. Gibran Huzaifah, Founder & CEO of eFishery

In this episode, we have an exclusive talk with Gibran Huzaifah the Founder and CEO of eFishery where he discovers how hard it is to deliver a good product to convince non-tech people such as fish farmers.

Find out more about Gibran's journey in building eFishery and how he empowers fish farmers to create a better ecosystem!

Impacttalk Vodcast is a video podcast that is focused on guiding early-stage startups to pass the Product-Market-Fit journey. A practical local context knowledge from in-depth conversations about building and growing startups in a video podcast hosted by Italo Gani & Zahra Damariva.

We dive in and tease out valuable insights and applied knowledge from our curated guests so that you can grow your startup and build a successful company, that will last.

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