50 Contoh Judul Skripsi untuk Sastra Inggris Sebagai Referensi

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13 Februari 2023, 11:04
Contoh Judul Skripsi untuk Sastra Inggris
Ilustrasi, buku berbahasa Inggris.

Dalam dunia perkuliahan, skripsi merupakan tugas akhir yang wajib dikerjakan oleh mahasiswa sebagai syarat kelulusan. Tugas akhir ini juga berlaku bagi mahasiswa jurusan sastra Inggris.

Sastra inggris sendiri merupakan program studi yang mempelajari bahasa Inggris dari sisi linguistik (kebahasaan) dan sastra secara mendalam.

Sebelum menyusun skripsi, mahasiswa perlu menentukan judul yang tepat untuk memudahkan penulisan skripsi nantinya. Jika Anda masih kesulitan menentukan judul skripsi, Anda bisa melihat berbagai macam contohnya sebagai referensi. Untuk lebih jelasnya, simak pembahasannya berikut ini.

Contoh Judul Skripsi untuk Sastra Inggris

Berikut ini 50 contoh judul skripsi yang bisa dijadikan referensi bagi Anda yang berkuliah di jurusan sastra Inggris.

Contoh Judul Skripsi untuk Sastra Inggris
Contoh Judul Skripsi untuk Sastra Inggris (Unsplash) 
  • A Melting Pot Of Malang : Linguistics Landscape Of Malang Culinary Signs
  • Social Criticism: The Portrayal Of Social Problems In The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind Film
  • The Resistance Against Women Negative Stereotypes As Portrayed By Jane Stringer In Jane Doe Series Novel By Victoria Helen Stone
  • Presupposition Triggers Found In The Jakarta Post And The New York Post On The Ukraine War
  • Covid-19 Banner: Javanese Language Expression Function To Face The Pandemic
  • The Ideology Of Beauty Constructed In Skin Care Advertisement
  • The Struggle Of Rachel Kim As K-Pop Idol Portrayed In Jessica Jung’s Shine
  • Critical Discourse Analysis: Media Representation On Reporting Indonesian Government Policy To Prevent Spread Of Covid-19
  • Discrimination Against Elderly Portrayed In The Sandbox By Edward Albee
  • A Semiotic Analysis Of Kapal Api “Semangat Berkolaborasi”
  • The Perspectives Of Young Women On Married By Accident Towards Adolescent In Dua Garis Biru (2019) Film
  • Multimodal Discourse Analysis Of Erigo’s Billboard At New York Time Square
  • A Study Of Jargon Used By Group Of Tenggara Timur Students In Communicating
  • The Psychological Distress Of Cory Lambert As Depicted In Taylor Sheridan Wind Rivers (2017)
  • Speech Act Analysis On Instagram Statuses About Self-Love Used By #Selfacceptance
  • Language Choice Experienced by The Students of University of Sumatera Utara: A Case Study of Code Mixing
  • An Error Analysis on The Use of Gerund Made by The Eleventh Grade Students of SMA Free Methodist Medan
  • Translation Methods of The Translation of Sapardi Djoko Damono’s Poems in English
  • Category Shift in The Translation of “Woman At Point Zero” in Bahasa Indonesiaa
  • Infidelity and Psychic Violence Image Based on Case of Law: A Semantic Analysis
  • Grammatical Cohesion Found in Modern English Version Prologue of Beowulf Text
  • An Analysis of Signs Found in Batak Toba Wedding Ceremony
  • A Stylistic Analysis of Allama Iqbal’s Poem The Bird’s Complaint
  • Critical Discourse Analysis Observed Through Multimodal Texts
  • An Analysis of Figurative Expressions in The Holy Bible: John
  • Existentialism in Chuck Palahniuk's Novel Fight Club
  • Sadomasochism in E. L . James’s Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Representation Of South Korean Teenager’s Struggles In Boy Group Cix’s ‘Hello Chapter 2: Hello, Strange Place’ Album’s Short Film Series: A Semiotic Study
  • “Slowly But Sure”: A Language Deficit Of A Child With Down Syndrome
  • Portrayals Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder In A.J. Finns The Woman In The Window
  • Are You Covidient Or Covidiot?: A Linguistic Landscape Study On Covid-19 Flyer In Pasuruan District
  • Social Discrimination Manifested In Kawin Tangkap Tradition Of Sumba Society
  • Religious Fanaticism In People In Rifley Scotts Kingdom Of Heaven Movie
  • Diglossia In Conversations Used By The Main Character In The Queen Of The Tearling Novel
  • Betrayal in A Marriage as Portrayed in The Great Gatsby and Belenggu: A Comparative Literature Analysis
  • An Analysis of Speech Act in Hillary Clinton’s Speech “This Madness Has To Stop”
Contoh Judul Skripsi untuk Sastra Inggris
Contoh Judul Skripsi untuk Sastra Inggris (Unsplash)
  • An Analysis of Verbal and Nonverbal Communicating Capability of Autistic Sufferers at Alpha Omega Foundation Kabanjahe (Psycholinguistic Case Study)
  • The Problems of Human Trafficking in Pamala Kennedy’s Novel More Than Rice
  • Unit Shift on The Translation of To Kill A Mockingbird
  • The Analysis of Thematic Structure in Toefl Test Reading Comprehension
  • A Logico Semantic Analysis in Jokowi and Prabowo Political Campaigns
  • An Analysis of Supernatural Power in Stephen King’s Novel Carrie and Risa Saraswati’s Novel Gerbang Dialog Danur: A Comparative Literature
  • An Analysis of Revenge in Main Character’s Personality as Portrayed in Sidney Sheldon’s Novel If Tomorrow Comes and A.S.A. Harrison’s Novel The Silent Wife: A Comparative Literature
  • An Analysis of Language Styles on Disney Movie Script
  • Deixis Found in Batman V Superman’s Movie Script
  • English Verb Acquisition of Third Grade Students of Aqila Islamic School
  • A Stylistic Analysis in British Musician’s Selected Songs
  • Ecological Lexicons Analysis of Selected Nature Poems Written by William Wordsworth
  • The Usefulness of Computer-Assisted Tool “Wordfast Anywhere” in A Translation Process: A Case Study of USU English Department Students
  • Analysis of Eco-Metaphor Through Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson’s Selected Lyrical Songs

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