5 Contoh Teks Eksplanasi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Fenomena Alam

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15 Februari 2023, 12:25
Contoh teks eksplanasi bahasa Inggris.
Ilustrasi, tulisan.

Teks eksplanasi merupakan jenis tulisan yang menceritakan tentang suatu fenomena. Termasuk di dalamnya fenomena alam, sosial, budaya, ilmiah, dan lain-lain.

Secara penulisan, teks eksplanasi bersifat netral dan tidak persuasif. Lantaran materi yang dituliskan merupakan peristiwa yang umum terjadi di kehidupan nyata.

Selain itu, teks eksplanasi tidak hanya dituliskan dalam bahasa Indonesia, melainkan juga bisa dalam bahasa Inggris.

Terkait dengan hal tersebut, terdapat sejumlah contoh teks eksplanasi bahasa Inggris yang bisa dijadikan acuan dalam menulis. Untuk lebih jelasnya, simak deretan contoh teks eksplanasi bahasa Inggris berikut ini:

Contoh Teks Eksplanasi Bahasa Inggris 1

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Flooding is a disaster which commonly happens in large and densely populated cities. In Indonesia, the floods hit Jakarta very often and cause many victims. Then, do you know the process of how a flood happens? Pay attention to the following explanation.

The process of natural flooding is preceded by rain which falls to the surface of the earth. Then the rain water is absorbed by the ground surface and flows to the lower place. Once that condition happens, evaporation and the water appear to the surface of the land. Flooding can be disastrous for humans when floods happen in an area that people live because the water carries along objects like houses, bridges, cars, furniture and even people.

On the other hand, the process of non natural flooding is usually caused by bad habits of humans who do not care about the environment, such as littering that can make water flow clogged. This makes the water deposited in landfills which gradually becomes more common. When water reservoirs can no longer hold water discharge, the water then overflows out theland and cause flooding.

Contoh Teks Eksplanasi Bahasa Inggris 2

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In Indonesia, we are very familiar with the word " Tsunami ". This natural disaster has ever killed thousands of lives in Banda Aceh a few years ago. Indonesia mourned, the world mourned. Then, how the Tsunami happens? Here is a brief explanation of the process of how the Asian tsunami happens.

Tsunamis can occur if there is a phenomenon which causes the displacement of large amounts of water in the ocean, such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, and meteors that fall to Earth. However, 90% of tsunamis is the result of underwater earthquakes.

Vertical movement in the Earth's crust in the bottom of the ocean causes a sudden up or down movement of sea floor which then causes the water balance disorders above it. This disturbance causes the occurrence of the flow of the massive sea water energy, that once it reaches the shore, it becomes huge waves resulting Tsunami.

Contoh Teks Eksplanasi Bahasa Inggris 3

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Almost everyone very likes a natural phenomenon called the rainbow. To the extent that a lot of people create an art work like song, cake, and the other work after seeing the beautiful colors of the rainbow. But, do you know how the phenomenon of the appearance of the rainbow happens?

Rainbow occurs because of the refraction of light. The sunlight that shines in between the rain drops is refracted by the rain drops. This process separates the white light of the sunlight into a spectrum of different colors.

The spectrum of colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Or what we often memorize as the abbreviation "ROY G BIV / mejikuhibiniu.” Then the colors reflect in the back drops of rain, resulting the light which looks arched and becomes the rainbow.

Contoh Teks Eksplanasi Bahasa Inggris 4

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Rain is one of the main sources of fresh water for almost all people in the world. It provides suitable conditions for diverse ecosystems. It is also used as hydroelectric power plants and crop irrigation. But, do you know how rain happens?

The rain’s phenomenon is actually what we often call as “water circle.” The concept of the water cycle involves the sun heating the Earth’s surface water and causing the surface water to evaporate. Then the water vapor rises into the Earth’s atmosphere. The water in the atmosphere cools and condenses into liquid droplets. The droplets grow bigger and heavier and fall to the earth as precipitation.

However, not all rain can reach the surface of the earth. Some evaporates while falling through dry air. This is what we call as “virga”, a phenomenon which is often seen in hot, dry desert regions.

Contoh Teks Eksplanasi Bahasa Inggris 5

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Do you know how your body gets oxygen from the air and removes carbon dioxide from your body? Right! It’s because of the respiratory system. Do you know how it works? The following explanation is written to help you understand the process clearly.

The first phase of respiration is breathing in or inhalation. This process brings air from outside the body into the lungs. From the lungs, the oxygen moves through blood vessels to the heart which then pumps the oxygen-rich blood to all parts of the body. Oxygen then moves from the blood-stream into the cells, which completes the first phase of respiration. In the cells, oxygen is used in a separate energy-producing process which produces carbon dioxide as a byproduct.

The second phase of respiration begins when the carbon dioxide moves from the cells to the bloodstream which carries carbon dioxide to the heart. Then, it pumps the carbon dioxide-laden blood to the lungs. In the lungs, breathing out or exhalation removes carbon dioxide from the body, thus completing the respiration cycle.

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