Ira Noviarti: Accelerating Business Sustainability & Women Empowerment

25 Juli 2022, 19:00

In this episode, our host Gundy Cahyadi talks to Ira Noviarti, the President Director of Unilever Indonesia. Ira is also the Chair of B20 Women in Business Action Council.

Ira shares her thoughts on how gender inequalities are strongly connected to limited access to opportunities for women. Many of them face plenty of barriers, when starting their careers or in expanding their businesses.

But some progress is underway. With her involvement in the G20, she sees many companies adapting a more sustainable strategy, which involves the role of women. There are several factors that need to be strengthened in business sustainability: social factors, environmental factors, and economic factors.

You can listen to their discussion "Accelerating Business Sustainability & Women Empowerment" in Off The Script, a podcast series presented by Katadata Podcasts, on our official website, Spotify, Noice, Apple Podcast, and Google Podcast.

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