Felicia Putri: Financial Literacy and Habits Among Millenials

30 Mei 2022, 16:54

In this episode, our host Gundy Cahyadi speaks with Felicia Putri Tjiasaka, Co-Founder of Ternak Uang, an Edutech platform, that specializes in financial and investment literacy in Indonesia. Feli tells us about financial literacy and spending habits among millennials and zillenials over the last five years and how their behaviors are changing going forward.

Feli shares her views that the level of financial literacy will vary according to the demographics and generation. Today's generation is very closely related to technology and has different habits from other generations. This is despite many obstacles in the face of frauds under the guise of investment.

Let's listen to Off The Script with Gundy Cahyadi, a podcast series presented by Katadata Podcasts. Available on our official website, SpotifyNoice, Apple Podcast, and Google Podcast.

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