Sabrina Mustopo: Krakakoa, The Sweet Side of Social Enterprise

30 Agustus 2022, 17:41

In this episode, Gundy Cahyadi talks to Sabrina Mustopo, the Founder and CEO of Krakakoa Chocolate, an Indonesia chocolate maker and social enterprise. Sabrina is also an independent consultant with experience in strategy and project management, particularly in agriculture and sustainable economic development.

Sabrina tells her story of how she started Krakakoa and learned about the issues in the Indonesian cocoa industry. She initially helped the farming communities to have a better livelihood and made sure farming becomes a more sustainable practice. Seven years later, Sabrina managed to steal Indonesia's attention by producing award-winning chocolates.

Sabrina also shares her thoughts on what drives her most in her social entrepreneurship journey. The key aspects are environmental sustainability, providing decent jobs to a growing population, and ensuring the health of Indonesia’s forest health. But for a social enterprise to be sustainable, it must also be profitable.

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