10 Contoh Puisi Pendek Bahasa Inggris sebagai Inspirasi

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2 Desember 2022, 12:25
Puisi Pendek Bahasa Inggris
Ilustrasi, puisi berbahasa Inggris.

Banyak orang sering merasa kesulitan belajar bahasa Inggris, karena banyaknya aspek yang harus dikuasai. Oleh karena itu, ada beberapa orang kehilangan semangat belajar dan akhirnya berhenti di tengah jalan.

Bila Anda juga merasakan hal yang sama, ada banyak cara yang menyenangkan namun tetap efektif untuk belajar bahasa Inggris. Salah satunya adalah dengan menulis puisi.

Menulis puisi sendiri memiliki banyak manfaat. Tidak hanya bisa melatih grammar dan tenses, cara ini juga bisa meningkatkan kreativitas, melatih kemampuan berpikir, serta mengekspresikan pikiran/perasaan.

Sebagai permulaan, Anda bisa menulis puisi pendek dengan tema yang disukai. Bila Anda tidak tahu seperti apa puisi pendek bahasa Inggris, simak contohnya dibawah ini.

Puisi Pendek Bahasa Inggris

Berikut ini 10 contoh puisi pendek bahasa Inggris dengan berbagai tema sebagai inspirasi Anda.

1. A Thank You Note to a Mentor

It felt like winning a lottery

But without cash on me

Is it already December?

Cause Santa gimme something I’ll remember


I appreciate your presence

I admire your passion


Muchas gracias my teacher

To help me build my future

2. Mama Put Me First

You were there for me

Whenever I was down or up

When the skies so blue or grey

You were there to love and to care


I’ll place no one above you

Cause there no one can do but you

Thank you for everything

Everything you’ve given me


3. Flamboyant Tree

Along the road to cliffs and ravines

I see the flamboyant trees are neatly lined up

as if welcoming people who will come

Manyar birds and finches are still competing to be the winner


In my country, in a place as far and lonely as this

You can find peace more than anything

Make people admire, stare, and stay for a long time


At the end of the road, there is a spring

The squeaks like nature’s sound

Flamboyant is a color, a wound healer, a complement to taste


4. Rasuna Said

Courage is like a rare and expensive treasure

Departing from persistence ends in success

Through her sharp thinking

It shines like a lamp in my dark garden


Her voice echoed, disturbing the ears

Shouting for women’s rights

Don’t let it go out

Even though the ignition of the fire is already faintly visible


you are a fighter,

Leading us to light brighter than a lantern


5. Memories

I walk along the streets of the Capital

Sometimes I think,

Many small things can evoke memories

Brings flashbacks of sweet and sad things


I saw the sky in Jakarta was already dark

This afternoon, I look at the rows of memories,

which makes me miss people in my past

6. Seeing You Through My Poetry 

Words are the tone and the simplest way to reach you

Through a twilight in my warm sky

I see the clouds pierce your smile that is bruised in my memory

In this poem, you will find tears and smiles in one glass

If one day my poetry is lost

Find me in the silent voice you can hear

Like happiness and memories

I will keep you in the best place in my heart

So, I don’t need a dot to love you

To me, you are like Greece, an old city that doesn’t die


7. My Dad, My Superman

by Adam Young


He doesn’t fight crime

Or wear a cape

He doesn’t read minds

Or levitate

But every time my world needs saving

He’s my Superman

Some folks don’t believe in superheroes

‘Cause they haven’t met my dad


8. The Pain 

by Laura Kasischke


Like the human brain, which organizes

The swirls and shades of the bathroom tiles

Into faces, faces

With expressions

Of exhaustion, of disdain. The


Virgin Mary in the toast of course

But also the penance in the pain, and the way


My mother invented

Plums and tissue paper, while


My father invented the type of

Sudden kindness


That takes you by surprise

When you’ve expected to be chastised

And makes you cry


9. Have a Future

By Joanna Fuchs


Thank you, Teacher,

For reaching deep in me

to find all I can be

before I can see it myself.


You never gave up on me.

I have a future

because of you.

10. How Do I Love You 

by Mary Oliver


How do I love you?

Oh, this way and that way.


Oh, happily. Perhaps

I may elaborate by


demonstration? Like

this, and


like this and

no more words now

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