Arip Tirta: SMEs - from Surviving to Thriving

2 Agustus 2022, 09:50

In this episode, our host Gundy Cahyadi talks to Arip Tirta, President and Co-founder of Evermos. Evermos is the first social e-commerce platform in Indonesia, making the connection between brand owners and resellers to reach a wider consumer base.

Evermos is trying to help the smallest of them all - the micro enterprises in Indonesia. There is a need to support SMEs as they make up about 60% of the country’s GDP. SMEs also account for almost 97% of employment in the country.

Arip shares his thoughts about the challenges for SMEs, especially the rough condition due to the pandemic. In engaging with brand owners right from the start of their entrepreneur journey, Evermos wants to ensure there is a systematic longer-term plan for all these brand owners. This is in the hope to develop a strong ecosystem for SMEs in Indonesia.

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